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    Home Made Salsa Ingredients 1 28oz. can diced tomatoes 1 small can chapped Ortege Green Chilies or One tablespoon REDDS HOT Sauce 1 small onion (white ore yellow) 1 bunch fresh Cilantro 2 tsp Dried red Peppers 1/4 Cup each red wine vinegar and sugar Garlic powder and salt to taste 3 Jalepinos with seeds remove and chopped for mild to medium salsa or 4 Jalepinos with seed left in 2 for hotter salsa In a medium deep bowl, chop tomatoes with juice. Then chopped green chilies, onion and finely chop cilanro, add to tomatoes. Next add vingar, garlic powder, sugar, salt and dried red peppers to. taste. The more you let it sit in the frige, the better and spicier it gets.......... I fine that with our large food processor you can do the chopping and mixing in the food processor. Enjoy

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