Redd’s Hot Sauce FAQ


I’d like to carry your products in my store; do you have wholesale options available?

I would love to talk with you about the options for fine retailers like you Please click the CONTACT form so we can set up a supplier account for you.

Why is making salsa and hot sauce in small batches so important?

Making products in small batches helps to ensure the quality of hot sauces.  Small batch processing allows me to monitor the type and amount of every single ingredient and make sure that cooking and bottling times are exact.  Ultimately the taste and texture are perfect, bite after bite.

What kinds of peppers do you use in your hot sauces?

My hot sauces is unique in its formulation, incorporating the peppers that deliver the perfect flavor profile.  Redd's Hot Sauce, for example, balances the heat of fresh red peppers and habanero with the cool sweetness of the carrot. Of corse there are some secrets too !

How hot is Redds Hot Sauce?

We realize that many of our competitors offer hot sauces that are, well, hot just for the sake of being hot.  What is most important to us is not how hot a sauce is, but how great it tastes.  Keep in mind that with hot sauce, the rating that a “heat lover” gives a product may differ significantly from the rating given from a person with a more sensitive palate.

How do you come up with your recipes?

Just like you I like delicious food.  I am a little spoiled being in the restaurant industry for over 20 years; after all, I could walk into a true chef’s kitchen and whip up anything that sounded tasty.  So took that same approach in coming up with the recipe to make hot sauces and salsa.  No matter how whacky it sounds at first, if we think that the flavors will work, we’re willing to try it.  If it passes the picky palates around here, I share it with you.